The Landscape of New Arcadia

New Arcadia is made up of an assortment of small floating continents bound together by enchanted artifice known as the Rune Bridges.

The largest continent is predominantly plains and contains the largest human civilization, Lothros and their capital city Kith’Lothros.

The dwarven continent Kind dur Tera is predominantly large mountains, with cities and villages located on cliffs or dug into the mountains. It is located west of Lothros. The Dwarven capital of Graj dur Thorzen is deep in the largest mountain of Crag dur Spira also known as The Mountain of the Heavens.

The elven continent is found north of Lothros mostly made up of forests, with the Elven Capital hidden in the largest.

Most continents contain numerous underground tunnels forming networks know as The Undercaverns, home to many dangerous magically mutated creatures as well as The Tiefling Clans

The Landscape of New Arcadia

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