Welcome to New Arcadia!

It is a bustling realm deeply scarred by ancient magic, but filled with many wondrous creatures and marvels. Of course, it is also filled with its share of ruffians, warlords, and sorcerers all trying to claim power across the dangerous landscape. New Arcadia is a collection of small floating continents bound together and held aloft by enchanted artifice. It floats miles above the Sea of Light, a cascading field of energy that is all that remains of the once idyllic world, ruined in a great and terrible magical event decades ago.

You have been offered a chance to join a new adventuring company, groups of battle tested individuals united for a common goal, be it money, knowledge, political or magical power among the various kingdoms. Many roam the land to serve as protection and collaboration of like-minded people with great ambition, and the courage to pursue it in a dangerous world. You never know what secrets you may uncover from the remains of the halcyon Arcadians. It may even change the world as you know it.

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New Arcadia

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