The largest nation of human on New Arcadia. Formed when the first king ended to border wars and formed an alliance with the six major territories. The leaders of each territory went on to become the High Council of Lothros. In addition, the first king formed treaties with most of the other major races’ chief nations, allowing for the peaceful trade of necessary resources rare in certain regions of New Arcadia. The second and current king works maintain the peace in his territory and between his allies in the dwarven, halfling, and elven nations while defending his borders from the barbarian tribes.

The largest city in Lothros is the capital city of Kith’Lothros, seat of the king and Council, in addition to central sites of commerce and learning.

The nation of Lothros occupies a significant portion of the largest continent of New Arcadia, and is geographically predominantly plains. The eastern territories sit next to a mountain range on the edge of the continent, and the northern territories contain forest bordering on the elven lands.

The humans, while not the most magically or artifice proficient, are the most innovative, and their work melding and augmenting the skills and designs of the other races have been the source of connecting the broken lands of New Arcadia. The Rune Bridges connecting and anchoring the continents to each other, and the Skycrafts that can travel around the treacherous areas are the fruits of human ingenuity.


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